Naturist massage: tantric, body-body, sensual and Californian


Discover below a choice of naturist massage that I offer at home in Paris

massage californien

Californian Massage

Thanks to its long fluid and harmonious movements, this Californian massage brings deep relaxation. The combination of delicate touches and more intense pressure gently awakens the sensitivity of the skin. Plus, it’s a great way to restore your energy and release built-up tension.

Tantric massage

More complete and successful than a simple naturist massage, the tantric approach develops the art of self-discovery. Tantric massage restores bodily communication between the two partners. Your erogenous zones are more stimulated for a particularly intense awakening of sensuality. It is a very gentle massage that brings tremors of pleasure.

massage body-body paris

Body-Body Massage

Very sensual, it is a mix of Californian massage and skin-to-skin reciprocity with your masseuse. Practiced with hot oils, I use my chest and my body to glide over yours. The sensations are very pleasant and original.

massage réciproque paris

Reciprocal Massage

The reciprocal massage is a combination of Californian massage, body-body with an added touch of sensuality since you can also massage and touch me. Undoubtedly the most erotic of the massages offered, it will bring you exquisite sensations and a moment of shared privilege. The best…