Massage naturiste à domicile paris

Jade masseuse at home in Paris

Naturist, sensual and tantric massage

Naturist massage is a very sensual and erotic massage. It combines Californian relaxation techniques and the eroticism of the reciprocity of bodily contact. It is characterized by long, slow, continuous movements. This releases tension. The masseuse and the masseuse are both naked for even better sensations. Come and discover the magic of naturist massages in contact with my fairy fingers. A unique know-how. Naturist massages are not of a sexual nature.

About me

My name is Jade, I am 25 years old and I have been practicing the art of naturist massage for 4 years. After working in many salons in Paris, I decided to start my own business. Californian, body-body, tantric and reciprocal massages, the hardest part is choosing! I come to your hotel, or to your home in Paris and the nearby suburbs.


The origins of Tantrism

Tantra comes to us from India and without being able to date its origin exactly, it is located around 5000 years ago. This philosophy, both hedonistic and ascetic, teaches us how to find spiritual ecstasy through the awakening of the kundalini, or life force, and its rise through the energy centers, or chakras. This awakening is brought about by yoga, meditation, asceticism and the control of sexual energy. tantra uses the pleasures of life and elevates them to the spirit. He teaches us how to circulate his energies and put consciousness in the sexual act, without limit.


The massage is not only a moment of relaxation, it can be a treatment in its own right. It provides many health benefits. It helps the body to strengthen itself and thus, to better fight against diseases. In all Asian countries it is medically recognized. It resituates people in the present moment and can bring as much good to the massaged as to the masseur, provided of course to apply and be receptive.

Massages in everyday life

Eastern countries consider it as an art in its own right. In addition, massage has become very widespread in Western countries in recent years.

Little by little, it is integrated into everyday life and is part of the art of living.

In Asian countries, massage has always been integrated into life. There has been no devaluation of the body as in the West. A massage service without sexual connotation is offered in all hotels, you can get a massage at the hairdresser to relax. We must relearn how to touch because, apart from the sexual act, it no longer appears natural. Touch is however the first of our 5 senses and, as such, needs to be rehabilitated.

Our modern societies are based on intellectual development above all. Neglecting the body and the feelings, we have created stress on a large scale. Profitability and productivity have become the watchwords, and unfortunately to the detriment of emotional and sexual fulfillment. This dichotomy between mind and body also comes, in part, from Judeo-Christian morality for which the body has long been considered a source of sin.

We are just beginning to recognize body language, its reasons and the need to listen to it. Massage schools began to flourish in the United States, then 10 years later in Europe, in the 1970s with the New Wave movement.

The rejection of materialistic values ​​and the consumer society at all costs brought a revival of all old techniques in the current form of « personal development »

huile de massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage releases tensions and emotional knots. It energizes, releases energy, harmonizes and reveals our original strength.

The male-female relationship is especially important in tantra, as in tantric massage. men are massaged by a woman and vice versa. However, some exercises can be done between people of the same sex, to learn how to overcome the duality of sex.

– By acting on certain acupressure points, tantric massage releases deep tensions on the muscular, physical and emotional levels.

  • Tantric and sensual but non-sexual massage, sexuality can be an extension for a couple.
  • It is never painful even if some points can be sensitive. This does not call into question its effectiveness.
  • Finally, it does not include manipulation, but precise and effective pressures.

One of the keys of tantra, also valid for massage, is to be « focused and relaxed » at the same time. It may seem contradictory, but only requires putting your consciousness in the right place, knowing how to relax and concentrate.


Before proceeding with the massage, it is important to take care of your personal hygiene and to present yourself clean. Perfumes are to be avoided because the mixture with the massage oil is not always successful. I advise you to tell me at the beginning of the massage if you have any sequelae of previous accidents such as displacement of vertebrae or a current illness. Let yourself go afterwards, you will not be rushed in the tantric massage and even if your limits can be tested, they will never be exceeded. It can sometimes be difficult to relax and talk at the same time. Most often, we tend to move our head or shoulders when we speak and therefore to contract the muscles. Silence allows you to meditate to better feel the effects of the massage.

Take a deep breath, focusing on the exhale, especially in the belly. Gradually, your thoughts will calm down and you will relax. The second time you come, your confidence in me will have increased and it will be easier for you to relax.

Source: Le massage tantrique ou l’éveil des sens
Claire de Lys (Author)